Reclaimed Wood

All of our furniture is crafted from reclaimed wood, possessing a distinct aesthetic characterised by its natural imperfections. Due to the inherent properties of wood, including changes in moisture and
temperature; movements, shrinkage and minor cracks can occur over time. These characteristics contribute to the unique charm of our furniture, showcasing its authenticity and rustic appeal. Embracing these natural shifts as part of the furniture's journey adds to its character and individuality, enhancing
the beauty of your living space. Regular care, appropriate placement, and an
understanding of the wood's evolving nature will help maintain the enduring
allure of your furniture. They will be left with their scratches, bumps, scrapes & splits – retaining their industrial, rustic aesthetic and the stories of their past. We’re making new products to look old!

If you have any queries or questions on the reclaimed woods, please don’t hesitate to ask.


All of our items are constructed using a mild steel, delivered to us by a local supplier. We cut, drill, clean & weld (and clean again!) every single component by hand.

Our raw steel items are left untreated, exposing their original rustic colouring, giving its industrial aesthetic. This is easily maintained with a coating of WD40 every few months. If these get wet it may cause rusting, so please ensure the area surrounding the item stays clean and dry, as it can mark your flooring.


Our items are finished with what we believe to be the best possible products available. We offer the choice of either a range of Osmo PolyX tints, or a Fiddes Hard Wax, depending on which piece you purchase.

If you have any questions on either product, or the colour you wish to have isn’t available on your item – just ask, and we can arrange exactly what you’re looking for.

We can also provide you with data sheets and further information on maintenance if you require, just drop us an email!